New Year Resolutions Physiotherapy
Georgiy Sekretaryuk
December 30, 2017
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6 New Year Resolutions Physiotherapy Can Help You Achieve

New Year Resolutions Through Physiotherapy

2018 has arrived as individuals and households across Greater Vancouver dive deep into their new year resolutions. Fitness centers are packed and candy aisles are barren in January, but as we all know, this new resolve to live better is often sidelined somewhere around February, as day to day distractions get in the way.

It doesn’t hurt to have a helping hand to make sure you stay on track, which is why we are beginning the new year with some insight into how making physiotherapy a part of your normal routine will help you fulfill your goals for the year ahead, and beyond.

How Physiotherapy Can Help You Stick to the 6 Most Popular New Year Resolutions for 2018

1. Get in Shape

Topping the list of most new year “to dos” is the act of getting in shape. When people prepare for this goal, they often secure a gym membership and perhaps a personal trainer to help them get started. These things make sense, but is it enough? Given that 92% of new year resolutions fail, with 80% of them being sidelined by February, it simply isn’t.

One key reason for this drop-off, is that people get derailed by a succession of small failures. In this instance (getting in shape) failure may occur because they do not go into their new fitness plan with the right information, for them. That gym membership and one-hour-per-week personal trainer does not cover all of the bases.

While both physiotherapists and personal trainers learn proper body mechanics, physiotherapists’ have extended education and experience in medical and health practices. We therefore gain deeper knowledge of patients’ underlying medical conditions. This deeper knowledge addresses how improper body mechanics (unique to you) can aggravate or lead to an injury, disability or other concern, all of which would otherwise result in eventual failure. In being armed with a physiotherapist assisted wellness plan (one that also includes core fitness), you cover all bases in your new fitness regime. In doing so, you will have a better chance at success, which in turn will keep this new year resolution alive well passed Valentine’s Day.

2. Eat Better

The second most popular resolution, is to improve ones eating habits. While some may cite the chicken or egg argument here, there is a clear correlation between maintaining a successful fitness regime and eating healthier. People that stick to their new fitness plan all year long (as per item #1 above) are more likely to stick to their new diet too. But the physiotherapist influence is not just an indirect one. By finding a clinic that has someone on staff with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, you gain access to a fountain of information that will perfectly complement your physio-inspired health and wellness plan, chicken or egg debate (both good sources of protein by the way) be damned.

3. Be More Social

Another resolution for many, includes “getting out there” more often to meet, mingle, and be more social. Such a thing is important in today’s world where personal branding is important both socially and professionally. What the heck does physiotherapy have to do with this?

While we don’t host parties at our clinic (the lease won’t allow it), physiotherapy has a positive social impact in another way. By obliterating both acute and chronic pain and improving body function, you are better able to participate in activities that you otherwise may not have been able to do without a physiotherapy guided regime. Those activities (jogging, hiking, golf, tennis, racquetball, surfing, etc.) expose you to social situations you won’t find elsewhere. And this is true for all-ages. Numerous studies show a strong correlation between physical activity and social interaction among older adults.

Simply put, when physiotherapy is a part of your life, you will be able to “get out there” much more often.

4. Save More Money

Don’t roll your eyes quite yet. We know what you’re thinking – how can taking on a new service actually save you money? Well, when it comes to legitimate health and wellness services, the investment most often pays off tenfold. For instance, did you know that studies show that living with chronic pain costs Canadians billions of dollars a year in lost wages, medical expenses, and more? Whether you are seeking to rehabilitate acute/chronic pain, or prevent it from occurring in the first place, adopting physiotherapy into your life will improve your quality of life and can ultimately help you save money in the long run.

5. Travel More

When people put “travel” on their list of new year resolutions, they are looking to become travelers, and not tourists. There’s a difference. A traveler immerses themselves in a given destination, exploring the lay of the land, mountain, and/or sea, which involves quite a bit of physical activity. Even running between the last minute gate changes of a foreign international airport requires a certain level of fitness. Once again you can see the direct connection to physiotherapy and your own ability to live life to the absolute fullest, globetrotting included.

6. Stress Less

All of the above equate one thing – less stress in your life. And while physiotherapy either directly or indirectly influences those items, it also has a positive impact on reducing stress, and is a much safer alternative than psycho active drugs to relieve anxiety and tension. Physiotherapy seeks to permanently remove worry from your life by effectively alleviating fatigue, back and neck pain, indigestion, and other ailments that compound emotional stress. Studies also show that regular visits with a physiotherapist can help combat depression, something that is especially relevant when coming off of a time of the year most commonly associated with it. From acupuncture to chiropractic therapy (including headache treatment) physiotherapy can help wipe the stress from your life from here on in.

If you reside in Burnaby, Coquitlam, or anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area, we encourage you to start the year off right and book a consultation with our clinic.

Happy New Year to You & Yours

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