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Burnaby Physio - Physiotherapy Clinic


Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab is a cutting edge, multidisciplinary physiotherapy clinic located in Burnaby BC. As a preeminent physio facility with a professional yet charismatic and friendly staff, we have clients coming from all over Greater Vancouver, including Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, and even the downtown core. After all, what’s an extra few minutes commute when it comes to your health and wellness?

Burnaby Physio - Physiotherapy Clinic

Treatment proven to be effective based on science

At Absolute PhysioCare, our skilled team will provide hands-on myofascial treatment and a customized exercise program that is proven to be effective based on scientific evidence.  We connect with you on a level that helps us customize a treatment plan best suited to who you are and with your goals in mind.

You’ll receive unmatched personal attention and care from our energetic staff. It is not uncommon for clients to keep in touch well after their treatment has passed. Have a look at our reviews and testimonials to see for yourself and view more on our team right here.

When you decide to move forward with physiotherapy services, your first session will entail a full body assessment to help guide us on the root cause of your symptoms/injury and will lead us into a specific type of treatment that will ensure success.

Burnaby Physio - Physiotherapy Clinic
Burnaby Physio - Physiotherapy Clinic

Location, Location, Location

Take a look at a map of Burnaby BC and see where we are located (seriously, have a look).

There’s a reason we chose those coordinates along North Road. Our clinic is central to the numerous districts that make up the Lower Mainland, allowing us to best serve as many people as possible, in and outside of Burnaby. Do you live in Coquitlam? We’re right on your border. What about Port Moody, New Westminster, or even downtown Vancouver? Given our location near Lougheed Skytrain Station you can walk on up to our front door within 10- minutes of tapping your Compass Card. If you’re driving you’ll be pleased to know we have ample and free underground parking, as well as a wheelchair accessible entrance to the clinic.

Burnaby Physio - Physiotherapy Clinic

Contemporary Therapy and Facilities

Our management and staff are comprised of people who are not only experts in their field, but are truly passionate about what they do. Because of this, they collectively keep up to date on the latest research and developments in physiotherapy and associated practices.

This allows for improved access to the tools necessary to deliver the best possible forms of treatment and therapy. Your physical health and wellness program will not only consider tried and true best practices but will also account for cutting edge and highly effective forms of rehabilitation. At Absolute PhysioCare, you’ll have access to the best facilities, equipment, and treatment. View more on our Burnaby clinic and facilities.

Burnaby Physio - Physiotherapy Clinic

Our Absolute Commitment

What makes Absolute PhysioCare excel, is our passion and commitment to your wellness.

Our absolute focus is on providing you the highest quality of care through individually designed therapy plans, to help you achieve your optimum wellness and quality of life.

This is our commitment to you:

  • we will provide the most cutting edge equipment and therapies available in our clinic.
  • we will provide you with direct access to a dedicated, caring and highly trained team of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals.
  • we will listen to you, and ask the right questions to understand your problems.
  • we will empower you, with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your health.
  • we will guide you, suggesting the best treatment plan that will improve your health and quality of living.
  • we will relieve you of the stress of trying to figure out how to co-ordinate and make decisions about many different kinds of therapies, and fit them into a treatment plan.
  • we will provide a medical report when necessary to your doctor or specialist to discuss your progress and address any concerns of your condition to avoid any gaps with your care.
  • we will help you to achieve your health goals as quickly as possible.
  • we will care for you and help you improve your health to its optimum level.


Our highly qualified therapists are committed to listening to your needs and providing one on one care in order for you to feel your best!