Georgiy Sekretaryuk
May 19, 2015
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Prenatal Massage: Benefits of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be defined as a state of wellness with many interrelated changes that occur throughout the woman’s body as the fetus develops. (LInda Ludwig RMT)

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for a woman. There are many physiological changes that occur within the woman’s body during 42 wks. Some stressful, some wonderful. There are many common side effects that a woman may go through with pregnancy but can find relief with prenatal massage therapy.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage can help to:

  • reduce swelling by increasing circulation
  • decrease muscle tension and joint pain
  • calm the nervous system and help with sleep
  • help with pain caused by lumbo-pelvic changes
  • relieve anxiety and depression caused by hormonal changes
  • give the mother and overall sense of well being

Is Prenatal Massage Safe?

Prenatal massage is safe in all stages of pregnancy. At Absolute PhysioCare located in Burnaby, we are able treat expecting mothers in a comfortable pillow system that allows them to lay in the face down position. This allows the therapist to access key areas of the clients body.

We will also provide you necessary self care such as stretching, exercises, hydrotherapy and other tips to help you manage between appointments.

Massage Therapists (RMT) in Burnaby

Please feel free to discuss any questions with our Registered Massage Therapists (RMT). Contact us at Burnaby Physio Care at 604-558-CARE (2273) or online to learn more and to make an appointment.


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