Georgiy Sekretaryuk
October 9, 2014
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Best Of Vancouver Georgia Straight 2014!

Burnaby Physio Clinic: Best Of Vancouver 2014! 2014 BEST OF VANCOUVER WINNER - Best Physiotherapist!

What makes us EXCEL, is our passion and commitment to your wellness. Our MISSION is to provide the highest quality of care and a more personalized approach to every one of our clients.

This is truly evident by achieving your votes for the Best of Vancouver and we Thank You!  We are extremely grateful to all of our clients for appreciating what we do and it’s our promise to always provide one on one care to achieve your health goals.

Our team of therapists at Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab. in Burnaby are highly qualified, experienced, professional, compassionate, supportive, friendly and energetic.  This is what sets us apart and makes us number 1 in what we do!


Burnaby PhysioCare Services

Burnaby PhysioCare offers the following services at our state-of-the-art facility: Physiotherapy, IMS/Acupuncture, Women’s Health, Pre & Postnatal Therapy, Sports Rehab. Therapy, Athletic Taping, Active Rehab., Vestibular Rehab., Spinal Decompression, Laser Therapy, Compression Hosiery, Custom Foot Orthotics, Custom Bracing, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic and more.

If you have any questions in regards to your health and wellness, we welcome everyone in Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster and surrounding area to call us at 604-558-2273, contact us online, or drop by. We are always happy to help you with your journey to wellness!

Once again, we thank all of our clients for their ongoing support and trust in our team! What our happy client’s have to say – read more.


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