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Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab is a cutting edge, multidisciplinary physiotherapy clinic located in Burnaby BC. As a preeminent physio facility with a professional yet charismatic and friendly staff, we have clients coming from all over Greater Vancouver, including Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, and even the downtown core. After all, what’s an extra few minutes commute when it comes to your health and wellness?

Our absolute focus is on providing you the highest quality of care through individually designed therapy plans, to help you achieve your optimum wellness and quality of life.

Physio Services Offered

Physiotherapy Clinic “Near Me” or “Best for Me”?

Chances are you’re searching for a physiotherapy clinic near you. If you’re in Burnaby, you’ve already come to the right place. But what about those of you in Coquitlam or the rest of the Greater Vancouver area? What’s more important, immediate proximity or the best possible physical health care? Unless you’re literally on crutches with no transportation, “near me” should not replace “what’s best for me”. And what makes Absolute PhysioCare better than the rest?

Let’s find out!

What Sets Our Clinic Apart

The Team

The Absolute PhysioCare team is not just our team, it’s your team. And what you’ve got at your disposal is a highly trained squad of licensed physiotherapists and healthcare professionals. Counted amongst our staff are chiropractors, RMT massage therapists, and physiotherapists in addition to experts certified in acupuncture, dry-needling, nutrition, and more. You won’t find a physiotherapy clinic with the same depth of staff as ours. Let’s turn our team into your team, today. Simply contact us with your questions or to schedule a visit at our Burnaby clinic for consultation and we’ll go from there.

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The Facilities

Our team is able to accomplish the best for you in-part because of our state of the art facilities and gymnasium, right here in Burnaby BC. Our clinic is brimming with top of the line physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment and machines. In addition, we have a “full suite” of free weights, bands, balls, and furnishings that ensure you receive not only the best, but most comfortable experience possible. But don’t get too carried away with the word comfort, because we do intend on working you hard so that you return to better than you were before your injury or ailment.

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Treatment and Therapy

Absolute PhysioCare exists on another plane when it comes to treatment and therapy. We stay on top of cutting edge industry research and development to make sure that you have access to the best rehab and recovery services. View more on our physiotherapy treatments and other physical therapy services that will serve to optimize your overall health and wellness.

Contact Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab

Our Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab clinic is located in Burnaby BC, and is comprised of a highly trained team of licensed physiotherapists, sports physiotherapists, and healthcare professionals.

Contact Absolute PhysioCare at 604.558.2273 and take the next step toward your journey to wellness.

We look forward to making your healthcare goals become a reality.


The Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab Team