Physiotherapy Christmas Decorations
Georgiy Sekretaryuk
November 20, 2019
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Do You Need Physiotherapy…to Put Up Christmas Decorations?

Physiotherapy Christmas Decorations

Disaster could have been avoided if Clark started physio before the Holidays…

This may seem like a reach, and admittedly we do tend to draw straight lines between the benefits of physical therapy and pretty much any activity in the world. But alas, it’s all true. If it’s physical, physio helps, and with the Holiday season fast approaching we ask that you consider it an essential item on your list of things to do before you decorate your home and property. Here’s why.

4 Reasons Why You Should See a Physiotherapist Before You Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

1. You Get Dizzy When Hanging Lights

Don’t write-off dizziness as being nothing more than a common physical response to being high up on a ladder. It’s not. If you frequently experience some form of dizziness, loss of balance, or even nausea when cleaning the gutters and such, then you need to take immediate action before putting up those seasonal lights. Why? Because you may be suffering from vertigo or other related abnormality. A physiotherapist will diagnose the cause, and if any underlying issue with your vestibular system is identified, will devise a specialized treatment plan which often involves head and eye movements, guided exercises, and balance training. View more on vestibular rehabilitation at our clinic. In a short amount of time you will restore normal function and be ready to install those twinkling lights on the fascia board, roof, and chimney.

2. Lower Back Pain Limits How Low (and High) You Can Decorate

Unless you want all of your decorations to sit at torso level, lower back pain will put an end to your decorating ambitions. You can’t bend down nor extend up high without feeling a debilitating twinge. With that, you can see how physiotherapy being critical to decorating is no reach by any means. A physiotherapist will identify the causes of your lower back pain and will set you on the path to recovery through a variety of custom treatments and therapy that range from acupuncture for lower back pain to signal decompression, chiropractic treatment, and more.

3. “No Decorating Tonight, I Have a Headache”

Do you find that you put off decorating to the last minute because every time you’re about to you come down with a terrible headache? You’re not alone, as (among many other wellness resources) have identified a variety of Holiday season headache triggers that ruin the fun and have you breaking promises to the family about decorating together. These Holiday season triggers include alcohol, financial stress, surgery foods, bright Christmas lights, and even the scent of pine (it’s true!). If you’re predisposed to headaches, the prospect of decorating looks even worse. Nip chronic headaches, migraines, and subsequent roadblocks to decorating in the bud by seeing a physiotherapist (and chiropractor) for effective treatment.

4. Hand and Wrist Pain Makes Wrapping a Nightmare

The final decorating touch is to wrap and place presents under the tree. But if you’re like many modern professionals you suffer from some form of hand and wrist pain that not only makes typing and tapping a burden, but makes the prospect of wrapping presents and tying fancy bows a painful if not impossible one. A physiotherapist will identify if you have wrist tendonitis or other related ailment and from there will help you take corrective action with hand/wrist repositioning techniques, exercises and stretches, and perhaps through the prescription of a custom wrist brace. View more on how physiotherapy can put an end to hand and wrist pain and have you wrapping presents to put Martha Stewart to shame.

Add a consultation at our clinic to your list of places to stop before you head over to Canadian Tire or Home Depot for your decorating wares. Call us today at 604.558.2273.

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