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Georgiy Sekretaryuk
October 6, 2021
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How Long Should I Continue Physiotherapy?

Burnaby Physiotherapy Clinic Physio

Have you just “completed” your physician recommended number of sessions with a physiotherapist for post injury or surgery rehab? Have you reached the cap on the allowable value for direct billing (or reimbursement) as dictated by your health insurance? Whatever the case may be, you are now wondering if you should conclude your work with a physiotherapist, or continue. Below is a breakdown of what you will want to consider when making your decision.

3 Things to Consider When Deciding On How Much Longer You Should Continue With Physical Therapy

I. Are You Completely Free of Physical Pain, Discomfort, and Malfunction?

You came to a physiotherapist because you suffered an injury or other ailment that resulted in physical pain, discomfort, or loss of function in one or more area of your body. Is it entirely gone? Are you feeling exactly how you did before the injury and/or surgery? If not, you should continue until you do, at the very least.

II. Will You Follow Your Post Physical Therapy Program?

Your physiotherapist will have provided you with a program to incorporate into your health and fitness regime at home and/or at the gym. This is an integral part of full recovery and maintenance. The program will include warm-up / cool-down stretches, movements, and exercises, and will likely require a small investment in at-home equipment such as exercise balls, bands, mats, and possibly weights. We want you to be completely honest with yourself – will you follow and sustain your physiotherapist provided program to the tee?

Physicians dispense patients with a set of strict guidelines regarding scheduled medicating, what not to eat, activities to avoid, and so forth. Nutritionists provide clients with an agenda of required nutrients and when/how to consume them. Estheticians offer detailed skincare advice. Tattooists dictate explicit aftercare instructions to patrons to ensure proper healing. And so forth. Yet for all of the expert advice, very few people follow-through exactly as they should. Sure, they maintain the prescribed regime for a few days, weeks, or even months. Yet more often than not, missteps, forgetfulness, procrastinations, and a lack of motivation gets in the way. It’s the same reason why an estimated 80% of New Year resolutions are abandoned by February of each annum. As a result, physical (and emotional) health often suffers.

If you are not entirely certain that you will follow-through with the program provided to you by your physical therapist, we suggest continuing your sessions at least once per month. This will help you stay motivated, and will ensure that you are correctly following a program that ultimately works towards the achievement of your goals. This leads us to our next point.

III. Are You Satisfied With Just Being Injury Free?

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” (Jim Rohn)

Even if you are free of pain, discomfort, and malfunction, we encourage you to ask yourself – are you satisfied with just that? Or do you want to become a better version of yourself?

Remember, the absence of a negative is not inherently a positive. Being injury free (at the moment) is great, but it will not help you realize your fullest potential on the court, track, field, or even the workplace. By maintaining physical therapy, you will be following the most effective path to remaining injury free, and will soon discover new possibilities when it comes to physical function and performance. You will become more flexible, limber, stronger, and more confident that you have ever been. All of this carries over into your emotional and mental state of well being, completing the perfect package. How long should you continue physical therapy? For as long as you want to be the best version of YOU.

If you live in the Greater Vancouver area feel free to contact us anytime to schedule a consultation at our Burnaby physiotherapy clinic.

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