Georgiy Sekretaryuk
February 15, 2021
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How to Choose a Physiotherapist for ICBC Claim

How to Choose a Physiotherapist for ICBC Claim

Now that ICBC has transitioned to a care based model, BC residents have more affordable access to rehabilitation for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). If you are unfamiliar with this important ICBC update you can review the details here. We have also detailed all of the benefits of the program. For those who are ready to move forward with treatment and therapy and are wondering how to choose a physiotherapist – we have listed everything you’re looking for below.

Checklist of What to Look for When Choosing a Physiotherapist for Your ICBC Claim

Physiotherapist Must Be Approved by ICBC

Candidate physiotherapists must be ICBC approved so that they can treat policyholders and use the Health Care Provider Invoicing and Reporting (HCPIR) application to send reports and invoices directly to ICBC. Absolute PhysioCare is approved to treat those with approved ICBC claims.

Physiotherapist Must Treat Patients According to CPTBC Guidelines

ICBC dictates that physiotherapists assess patients and establish treatment plans in accordance with College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia (CPTBC) practice standards. Absolute PhysioCare follows and exceeds standards set forth by the CPTBC.

Offer No Charge for Physiotherapy Treatments on Approved ICBC Claims

Treatment and therapy fees for ICBC claims are based on a standard treatment, versus being charged at an hourly rate. You can view a breakdown of these fees via ICBC right here. What you want to know however, is that the physiotherapist you’re about to visit does not charge you for required physiotherapy services, forcing you to recoup what you spend on fees from ICBC. The last thing you should worry about during this time is finances. At Absolute PhysioCare there is no charge for physiotherapy treatments on approved ICBC claims.

Note: Massage therapy falls under different consideration with what ICBC deems to be approved care. For massage, there is a minimal user fee which we can discuss with you ahead of time. Contact us to request these details.

Offer No Charge for Chiropractic Treatments on Approved ICBC Claims

Chiropractic treatment is essential to recovery from whiplash and other injuries sustained in an MVA. Not every physiotherapy clinic has a chiropractor on staff, which forces you to bounce back and forth between two facilities while finding both that offer no charge on claims. Given that forgoing critical chiropractic care is certainly not an option, you need to choose a clinic that offers chiropractic treatment at no charge on approved ICBC claims. Absolute PhysioCare is that clinic. View more on chiropractic treatment for MVAs at our clinic.

Absolute PhysioCare checks all of the boxes needed to receive immediate MVA injury treatment for approved ICBC claims. If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to contact us at your convenience.