Georgiy Sekretaryuk
March 25, 2020
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How to Maintain Physiotherapy When on Vacation

Physiotherapy When on Vacation

We recently wrote an article on the importance of partaking in regular physiotherapy in the weeks or months leading up to a vacation. But one thing we find, is that our clients express concern over missing their weekly physio when out of town for extended periods. This response has pleasantly taken us by surprise – who knew we were on their minds as they sipped mai-tais while poolside at their resorts? Ideally, we’d come along with you to continue treatment, but apparently getting adjoining rooms extends too far beyond the therapist-patient relationship protocol. Fair enough. So what’s one to do if they want to continue with physiotherapy while out of town?

3 Steps to Maintaining Your Physiotherapy Regime While Away on Vacation

1. Ask Your Therapist to Provide a Daily/Weekly Vacation Plan

Your physiotherapist does not want you to experience any setbacks, especially if you are receiving treatment for an injury. Let them know that you’re going on vacation and for how long. Physiotherapists who care will be more than happy to write down and/or email you an itinerary of effective exercises and movements that are practical enough to accommodate limited to no access to fitness equipment at your accommodations. They may also provide you with photos, infographics, and links to videos that will help guide you through the work – giving you lots to do during otherwise idle time. Not only will you maintain your regime, you will feel better after each DIY session and be ready to get out there and enjoy the remaining days of your vacation with renewed strength and vigor.

2. Ask About How Certain Vacation Activities May Impact Progress

Some of you are more adventurous than others on vacation. If you find lounging in a hammock to be a complete bore and prefer more thrilling endeavors, you may want to get a thumbs-up from your physiotherapists first. Again, this is especially true if you are currently rehabbing an injury, but applies to all clients. Inform your therapist about the activities you hope to partake in – be it surfing, skydiving, zip-lining, horseback riding, beach running, hiking, or all of the above and then some. They will consider your current physical condition and make educated recommendations. Don’t worry, they won’t necessarily spoil your plans. At the very least they can provide you with guidance regarding what to watch out for (pain and discomfort in a recently treated region) along with great warm-up and cool-down routines to bookend your activities with.

3. Get Some Digital Assistance

Armed with useful intel, you can supplement the information that your therapist has provided you with some digital assistance. Do some research on physiotherapy-based Android and Apple Store apps. There are many that allow you to identify your physiotherapist prescribed movements, and may provide helpful visuals should you want to squeeze in some exercises while at the beach with nothing but your bathing suit, towel, and smartphone in hand. Technology has come a long way in this capacity, as Science Daily has also reported on some cool innovations in virtual reality that can help you complete prescribed exercises while away from the clinic environment. Just save the HR headgear for the hotel room, as you may get some weird looks when doing range of motion (ROM) exercises while donning a Kylo Ren mask by the pool bar.

Happy Travels!


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