Georgiy Sekretaryuk
April 20, 2020
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In-Home Physiotherapy Burnaby and Vancouver BC

In-Home Physiotherapy Vancouver and Burnaby

Work from home, shop from home, socialize from home, and so on. At the moment, Greater Vancouver has had to adapt and pretty much do everything from the confines of their household’s square footage. For many people the transition hasn’t been all that challenging, but for those suffering from chronic pain it makes even the most basic tasks seem impossible. Do you have to wait until social distancing mandates have been lifted so that you can take back your health and wellness? Absolutely not. With Absolute PhysioCare you can start or continue with your physiotherapy from home. Here’s what you need to know.

5 Things Greater Vancouver Residents Need to Know About Doing Physiotherapy from Home Amidst the Call for Social Distancing

1. In-Home by Phone and Online

A few months ago “in home” may have meant that you could find a physiotherapist to come to your property for in-person treatment. Of course, this is not viable at the moment. However, you can still enjoy and benefit from in-home care, but now your assessment and follow-up sessions will be done by phone and online. Absolute PhysioCare has the infrastructure in place to deliver the in-clinic and face-to-face experience to you by leveraging the very technology you use every single day. Learn more about our virtual / telehealth physiotherapy services.

2. It’s Actually Effective…If

In-home physiotherapy can be effective, if done right. The biggest misconception by those who seek out the at-home alternative (even before the call for social distancing) was the physio at home could be done without the assistance of a trained professional. Any attempt at DIY physiotherapy through YouTube tutorials (etc.) will be fruitless. It leads to self-misdiagnosis, may worsen the injury, and even create new injuries in the process. However, when working with Absolute PhysioCare’s online team you gain access to highly-skilled professionals who will deliver an accurate assessment of your injuries/ailments, and will work with you through face-to-face virtual sessions. Our dedicated staff ensures you follow proper form when doing exercises and movements, will monitor your progress in real time, and ensure that you are on the most expedient road to recovery.

3. The Longer You Wait the Worse Your Injury May Get

While it’s great news that BC is flattening the curve on the health crisis, you should not wait until the BC Ministry of Health has officially lifted closures to attend to your injury rehabilitation. Some people continue to prescribe to the notion that R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) alone will suffice for the time being, but numerous studies prove this is a half-cooked concept that is counterproductive to a full recovery. Every day you wait increases the risk of worsening your injury. Not only will this further reduce your capacity to live a normal life, it will lengthen your road to recovery and increase the number of sessions required to recover. Unless you have unlimited private health coverage, waiting will also increase your overall costs

4. Eligible for Coverage

In BC, patients who are accessing physiotherapy through their medical benefits will still be eligible for coverage, despite services moving in-home and online. This extends to ICBC/WSBC clients. You may also be eligible for extended health plan coverage and direct billing through this coverage provider.  

5. Choose a Clinic in Lower Mainland

Now that you know how effective and efficient your in-home physiotherapy can be, you need to choose your provider. It’s important for Greater Vancouver residents to remember that it’s better to choose a service that is local, even though current services will be conducted by phone and online. Why? For one, it allows for a seamless transition for when you’re ready for in-person treatment after social distancing mandates have been lifted. In addition, there are certain nuances that only a physiotherapist who lives in the same general area as you can account for. Lastly, you will have greater success with benefit eligibility (as per item #4 above). Learn more about why Lower Mainland residents should choose a local clinic

Absolute PhysioCare’s clinic is located in the heart of Greater Vancouver in Burnaby BC, making us the go-to facility for the area’s in-home physiotherapy needs. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation. 


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