Georgiy Sekretaryuk
March 3, 2020
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New ICBC Care Based Model – Physiotherapy Benefits Reviewed

ICBC Care Based Model Physiotherapy Benefits

As you may know, ICBC recently announced a major change to the system, transitioning it to a care based model which intends to dig them out of the fiscal hole that they’ve dug for themselves over the years. There is more to it than their own money management as driver premiums will be reduced significantly, but more importantly – BC residents injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) will now have greater access to alternative treatment, namely physiotherapy. We have already detailed the ins and outs of the new ICBC care based model, which you can read about here. Instead, we’re going to take a practical and succinct look at the direct physiotherapy benefits to YOU.

5 Benefits of the New ICBC Care Based Model for Those Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident

1. Less Time in a Court Room, More Time in a Clinic

With ICBC essentially banning ambulance chasers (lawyers and law firms) from getting involved in MVA injury claims, injured parties will no longer (as of 2021) have to delay getting settlements to cover alternative forms of treatment such as physiotherapy and chiropractic work. That means less time in the court room and more time in a clinic receiving rehabilitation for your injuries.

2. Lower Personal Cost for ICBC Rehab

As alluded to above, prior to this change injured parties may have had to spend years in court to get coverage for physiotherapy treatment. Those experiencing too much pain, discomfort, and malfunction to wait would have to pay out of pocket, which taxed their bank accounts to the gills. But under the new model approved physiotherapy bills will be covered right away, which removes the wait and lowers your personal cost for ICBC rehab.

Better yet, ICBCs new Enhanced Care coverage will provide 24-times the amount of care and benefits than what is currently provided to MVA victims, up to a maximum of at least $7.5 million, and for as long as it is needed (more on the latter below).

3. Lower Premiums, Leaving More for Health and Wellness

By removing the inflated costs of fighting lawyers and their respective firms, ICBC will save a ton of money. How much? $1.5 billion to be exact! ICBC is sharing their cost savings in the form of lower premiums. In addition to leveraging the new care model to receive alternative and more effective forms of treatment, you can pledge further dedication to your health and wellness by applying that cost savings (which equals about $400 a year) to your health and wellness. For example, you can make physiotherapy a part of your household’s overall (beyond MVA injury) health and wellness regime. And if you happen to have private health coverage you may not have to pay a cent, as we offer direct billing at our Burnaby clinic.

4. Receive Injury Rehab for as Long as You Need It

The new care based model intends to provide you, a BC resident, with the rehabilitative treatment you need, for as long as you need it, so that you can get back to your daily life and live it to the greatest extent possible. There will be no cap on the timeline and no rush to squeeze in as many sessions as you can before a given calendar date. You will receive therapy until the debilitating symptoms of your injuries have subsided.

5. Separates Full Service Physiotherapy (with ICBC Rehab) from the Rest

You may have heard some occupational therapists jump on the media to criticize the new model, but that’s because they may not have a registered ICBC chiropractor on staff, someone who is actually sanctioned to manage treatment for such claims. Physiotherapy clinics who do have a registered ICBC chiropractor on site are setting themselves apart from the rest while the others remain quiet. You now have another important gauge to vet whether or not a physiotherapy clinic can truly be deemed to be “full service” one.

“I believe ICBC’s new Enhanced Care coverage will give British Columbians immediate access to a broad range of medical and recovery benefits so physiotherapists and other health-care professionals can do their jobs, and work with their patients.”  (Christine Bradstick, CEO, Physiotherapy Association of B.C.)

If you live in the Greater Vancouver area you should contact Absolute PhysioCare to schedule a consultation regarding your motor vehicle accident injuries today. Call us directly at 604.558.2273.


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