New Year Physiotherapy
Georgiy Sekretaryuk
December 27, 2018
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New Year Physiotherapy Goals


Last year at this time we delivered an article about how making physiotherapy a part of your life can help you achieve your new year goals. We’re taking a different approach as we approach 2019, by providing you with the specific goals themselves as a means to help guide your way to better health and wellness. Whether you borrow one or all of the following resolutions you will be taking a giant step towards a new and improved you.

5 New Year Resolutions to Set and How Physical Therapy Connects it All Together

1. Commit to an Activity/Sport

It’s one thing to state that you’re going to get into better shape, but without setting specifics you run the risk of sidelining your resolution into the next annum. One of the biggest reasons for new year resolution failure is the lack of goal definition, especially when it comes to the affirmation that one intends to improve their physical fitness. This is where this goal comes in.

By picking a specific activity or “sport” and committing to practicing, playing, and improving your performance with it this year, you clearly define a goal which will increase your chances of success. This activity/sport can be something that you already casually participate in, or an entirely new one that you’ve always wanted to try. It can be team or individual based, indoors or outdoors, or all of the above. Below is just a snippet of common BC activities/sports that not only will help improve your physical fitness but will directly benefit from physical therapy (click links provided), especially when it comes to injury prevention:

2. Improve Your State of Mind

When you commit, it can be easy enough to improve upon your physical fitness and see the results in the mirror and in function/performance. But improved physical health is just one piece of the wellness puzzle, as emotional health plays a very big role in this capacity too. Is the latter far outside of the scope of physiotherapy? Not all all. Studies show that regular participation in physical therapy (and associated activities) can have a positive impact in reducing anxiety and stress, both of which take their toll on your state of mind and how you perform in social and professional situations alike. This is one new year goal that you should take every possible step towards achieving. Learn more about how physiotherapy can be a part of this strategy.

3. Take a More Active Role in Your Family’s Health

New year resolutions often focus on the self, but why not factor others into the equation, beginning with your own family? Physical therapy can be a major player in this goal, as it is more engaging  (so to speak) than simply encouraging your kin to eat better and to go see the doctor for a semi-annual check up.

Did you know that regular visits with a physiotherapist can address health concerns common to seniorsteenagers, and children alike? View the respective links for each and you’ll see how amazing this new year goal can be for your entire family. Take a page out of our recent article on why giving the gift of physiotherapy is a great idea and schedule a consultation for someone in your life that could really benefit from physical therapy.

4. Eat to Keep Injury Free

You likely have a goal of improving your nutritional intake so as to reduce your body fat percentage and to boost physical performance, but what you eat can also reduce the risk of injury. Nutrients such as Vitamin A, B-complex, C, and E in addition to Omega-3 and Zinc are all instrumental in this process. View more on how to eat to remain injury free.  Given that an injury can effectively block your other new year goals, this resolution is a very important one too.

5. Make Physiotherapy A Part of Your Health and Wellness Regime

This is the inevitable conclusion to your list of new year resolutions. By committing to monthly visits with a physiotherapist you will dramatically reduce your risk of injury, potentially heal other connected ailments (headaches, dizziness, etc.), and actually end up saving money on your annual health and wellness bill. View more on the direct benefits of making physical therapy a part of your overall health plan, and follow up (Greater Vancouver residents) by scheduling a consolation at the onset of the new year, or whenever you happen upon this article.

Thanks for reading.

~ Happy New Year ~


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