Georgiy Sekretaryuk
February 24, 2020
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Physical Therapy Before Vacation – Spring Break Edition

Physical Therapy Vacation

Spring break is upon us, and all over Greater Vancouver individuals, households, and families are preparing for their vacations. They are booking hotels, packing bags, exchanging currencies, purchasing travel insurance, and putting in some extra time in the gym in anticipation. If you’re among the lot then you can certainly relate. But did you know that you should be adding a visit to a physical therapist to your list of pre-vacation “to-do’s”? Here’s why.

5 Practical Reasons Why You Should See a Physical Therapist Before Taking Your Spring Break Vacation

They Can Work Out Those Kinks So You Can Enjoy Vacation Activities

Unless you already see a physical therapist on a regular basis, there is a good chance that you currently suffer from some form of physical pain or discomfort. It may be a small and manageable thing, but it does impact your ability to participate in and a enjoy a wide variety of activities that your fellow vacationers (family, friends, etc.) plan on partaking in. It may be lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, or more. It can make a day of hiking, golfing, paddling, surfing, playing tennis, or even swinging in a hammock an uncomfortable experience, which defeats the purpose of the activities in the first place. You may think it’s too late to correct the physical symptoms of an injury, ailment, or misalignment but you will find a noticeable difference after just one session with a reputable physical therapist or chiropractor. Don’t another day to feel better before your vacation begins.

Can Help Acclimate You To Destination Climate Difference 

Most spring breakers are heading to a warmer locale for their vacation. If the year thus far is any indicator, you’ll be going from 10-15°C to 20-30°C within the a few short hours. This dramatic change in temperature has an impact on your body, and without assistance it can take several weeks to fully acclimate to a hotter climate. While most people associate going from warm to cold weather with pain and discomfort, the converse can be true too, albeit to a lesser extent. A number of factors impact your physical conditioning to swift changes in temperature, including age and body fat percentage – which we cannot directly address. However metabolic rate, blood pressure, blood flow, cardiovascular health, and pulmonary health can all be improved through physical therapy. If you’re concerned about acclimatization (you should be) this spring break, you need to see a physical therapist.

They Can Make Long Travel More Manageable

Are you taking a plane, train, or automobile out of town? Even a 45-minute flight or drive can feel like an eternity when you experience lower back or neck pain. Some of you may also be concerned about air-travel driven deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or high blood pressure experienced at high elevations. Physical therapy can help prepare you for the variety of physical health concerns that may rear their head during all forms of travel to any destination. View more about how physical therapy helps frequent flyers, road-trippers, or anyone experiencing back pain while traveling.

Can Help Clear Up That Pre-Vacation Cold

It happens every time, doesn’t it? Someone in your household comes down with a cold days prior to your trip, with a pesky bug threatening to ruin a vacation. While we highly recommend loading up on chicken noodle soup, Vitamin C, and TLC, you should also consider a visit to a physical therapist. Physical therapy can be leveraged to remove mucus from your breathing passages, ease aches and pains, assist in correcting sleep disruptions, alleviate sinus pain and headaches, and even help give your immune system a much needed boost. View more on how some consider physical therapy to be a cure for the common cold.

Can Help Ease Pre-Vacation Anxiety and Stress

Aside from the direct benefits addressed above, physical therapy practices can also be employed to assist in mitigating the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress – the very things that call to a vacation in the first place. On the flip side, the prospect of air travel can produce anxiety in some and demand corrective action be taken beforehand. Whatever the case may be – physio can help. How? This is a more complicated topic, but one that we have already succinctly provided an answer to here.

Does all of the above sound great, but you’re concerned about spending hard earned vacation dough before your departure? Fret not, because we offer direct billing for those with coverage. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation at our Burnaby area clinic.

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