core and exercise training

A personalized core and exercise training program is beneficial physiotherapy for all individuals — whether you are suffering from low back pain or wanting to get stronger in a particular sport.

The “core” is a set of very important muscles in your body that surround your spine and pelvis. These muscles provide stability to your trunk and act as a solid base of support for your extremities to generate powerful movements.

Low Back Pain Treatment and Prevention

Low back pain can be anywhere from annoying to debilitating. A strong core can assist in reducing stress on your lumbar spine resulting in better posture and decreased pain allowing you to get back to your activities of daily living.

In regards to athletic performance, a strong core can significantly improve the power of your slapshots in hockey, penalty kicks in soccer, backhands in tennis, jumping in basketball, and much more. The core is the foundation of which these powerful movements come from.

In addition, having a strong core and base of support can help prevent injuries especially in contact sports such as hockey, football, and rugby.

The core is comprised of many different muscles in your body that can become weak due to inactivity or improper exercise training.

Personalized Core and Exercise Training in Burnaby

At Absolute PhysioCare, our physiotherapist can help you identify your weaknesses and develop a personalized core and exercise program at our state-of-the-art facility and gymnasium.

Ask your physiotherapist if our core and exercise training program will benefit you. 

We will develop a custom treatment plan that will address both healing and strengthening of your body, so your body will function at its optimum level as quickly as possible.

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