K-Tape / Athletic taping

Taping is a common technique that physiotherapists utilize as a part of their treatment for various injuries, such as sports injury, and many other conditions.

K-Taping Treatments

Common conditions that physiotherapists help treat using the K-taping method are back pain, muscle strains, ligament sprains, knee pain, runner’s knee, patella femoral pain syndrome, ITB syndrome, shin splints, arthritis, headaches, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, ankle sprains and much more.

Athletic taping is growing in popularity for sports injury treatment and with athletes all over the world.  You may have noticed in the London 2012 Olympics that some athletes had brightly coloured k-tape on various areas of the body; for example, the low back, abdomen, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle etc.

Benefits of K-Tape for Injuries & Athletes

A great benefit to the usage of tape for an athlete is that they can continue their activity (depending on the sports injury) without damaging the tissue further and provide the tissue with support and rest to heal.

K tape or KT tape is water-resistant, breathable and it mimics the elasticity of human muscles.  All these properties allow for greater comfort when applied to the body.

  • Pain reduction
  • Expedited recovery
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relax muscles
  • Improve range of motion
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Postural correction (biofeedback)
  • Improves stability in a joint
  • Improves performance in a specific sport or activity

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