Physiotherapy for Common Cold
Georgiy Sekretaryuk
September 24, 2019
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Physiotherapy – Cure for the Common Cold?

Physiotherapy for Common Cold

If you take one scroll through our blog roll you’ll find numerous health and wellness applications for physiotherapy, beyond fixing bum knees (but we’re great for that too). One application that has been getting a little more press of late, is prevention and treatment (of symptoms) of the common cold. Far fetched? Let’s find out.

5 Ways Regular Physiotherapy Can Help Prevent and Even Treat Symptoms of the Common Cold

1. Can Remove Mucus from Your Breathing Passages

When you come down with a cold the airways in your lungs may become inflamed and produce excessive mucus. This complicates your breathing and results in irritating bouts of coughing. How can physiotherapy possibly address mucous membrane and gland secretion? Very few people know this, but  there is a discipline within our industry known as chest physiotherapy, a practice whereby mucus is indirectly removed from a patient’s breathing passages through vibration, percussion, and postural drainage. This is accomplished by adjusting your body into varying positions to effectively point your lungs in a downward direction, before applying the maneuvers. Consider this – chest physiotherapy is used to help treat pneumonia and cystic fibrosis, so imagine how effective it can be in removing phlegm buildup from a common cold.

2. Eases the Aches and Pains of the Common Cold

When you suffer from a cold it seems as if all of the underlying and subtle aches and pains you have increase exponentially. While a cold virus doesn’t directly cause this to happen, corresponding discomfort and poor sleep (more on this below) brings aches and pains to the surface. Therefore, by getting to the root of the problem and having a physiotherapist treat chronic injuries, no matter how small they may seem to be, future cold viruses won’t have the same physical impact as they do today.

3. Helps With Sleep Disruptions Caused by a Common Cold

Again, when you suffer from a cold virus, you have trouble sleeping. You need the best possible shot at getting a good night’s sleep so that you give your body the rest it needs to get rid of the virus. Body position has a direct impact on sleep, and any underlying misalignment or injury can alter this in a negative way. A physiotherapist can analyze your current sleeping position as it applies to what you report to be comfortable or uncomfortable and will show you where adjustments are needed. If you exhibit pain or discomfort in the recommended sleeping positions, a physiotherapist will apply traditional treatments and therapies to remove the pain or discomfort so that moving forward you will get a better sleep. And that, will help you both recover from and prevent common colds. View more on how physiotherapy is applied to improve sleep.

4. Massage Therapy for Sinus Pain and Headaches

When you have a head cold, symptoms include sinus pain and headaches. Massage therapists are trained in the application of various techniques to help facilitate movement of the sinus blockages that are causing you sinus pain, and headaches. In addition, their use of massage techniques including effleurage, light kneading and gentle compression over your sinuses in addition to the muscles of your neck and face will effectively reduce tension and pain. View more on the benefits of physiotherapy for headache treatment.

5. Regular Exercise Boosts Immune System

When working with a physiotherapist you will have adopted a customized exercise regime that will not only improve your body movements and cardiovascular health, but will also give your immune system a much needed boost. A stronger immune system significantly reduces the risk of picking up pesky seasonal viruses, included those posing as the common cold.

If mom’s chicken noodle soup no longer cuts it when it comes to treating your common colds then it’s time to seek help from your local physiotherapist – don’t worry, we won’t tell her. Contact Absolute PhysioCare in Burnaby Greater Vancouver BC to schedule an appointment.


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