Georgiy Sekretaryuk
March 3, 2021
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Physiotherapy for Essential Workers

Physiotherapy for Essential Workers

The word “essential” has been thrust to the forefront of workforce designations in 2020-21. Within our own industry there has been a perceptive shift from “alternative” to what many consider to be a critical practice for public health and wellness. ICBC certainly agrees, as evidenced by the shift to a care based model. This consideration has grown even further given that physio has proven to be instrumental in the rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients. But we digress. The intent of today’s article is to shine light on how physio is essential to those who have braved the last year and helped communities make it through the most challenging time in recent history. Here is a summary of how our industry is here for the heroes out there.

Practical Guide to How Physiotherapy is Essential to Essential Workers in 2021 and Beyond

For Grocery Store Staff

Grocery store employees have become unlikely warriors through the pandemic. They have served as a critical part of the supply chain (more on this below), ensuring that households can get the necessities they need. But beyond the risk of exposure, grocery store staff face a number of injury threats, from lower back pain from stocking shelves to carpal tunnel syndrome while stuck on the cashier assembly line. View our guide to why grocery stores should consider physiotherapy programs for their staff.

For Commercial Drivers and Pilots

The most critical links in the supply chain are those who get essential cargo from point A to B. Through 2020 it was all about toilet paper, sanitizers, cleaning products, food, and clothing, and other household items, and in 2021 it’s about all of that AND getting the vaccine into the hands (and arms) of the vulnerable. But being behind the wheel all day is taxing on the bodies of commercial drivers and pilots, which is why they must make physiotherapy a big part of their physical care program. View our guide to how physiotherapy is used to improve the physical health and wellness of drivers and for commercial pilots. While we’re at it, lets look at how physio is important to keeping mechanics in top form too.

For Public Transit Drivers

Speaking of transport, bus drivers have also become unlikely heroes through the pandemic, ensuring that people can get to work, school, and run important errands through the chaos. Even after the pandemic fades away as an unwelcome and distant memory they continue to face physical health concerns, including a number of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDSs) along with fatigue from operating the bus day after day (after day). View our guide to how physiotherapy is important to the health of bus drivers.

For First Responders

First responders have been there for their communities and they all face career-specific challenges to their musculoskeletal systems. The very first responder for 911 calls – firefighters – are quite possibly at the most risk as they throws their bodies in harm’s way to serve their community. But beyond the expected (injury sustained on fire-ground) they also face risk of injury from the overexertion of muscles, ligaments, and tendons, while needing to stay in top-shape for all that may occur. View our guide to how physiotherapy should be the part of all firefighter health fitness regimes.

For Physicians and All Health Care Workers

Healthcare workers (surgeons, physicians, nurses, etc.) have been and will always be designated as essential professionals AND heroes of the highest regard. But as they fight the good fight to keep us all healthy, they put themselves at risk of a musculoskeletal concerns including pain from postural strainrepetitive movements, and overuse. Common issues include carpal tunnel syndrome (especially for surgeons) tendonitisthoracic outlet syndrometension neck syndrome and acute back pain as a result of awkward body positioning during examinations and procedures. View our detailed guide to how physiotherapy is essential to the most essential field of all which also includes those in the dental industry.

We’re here for those who have been there for their communities. If you live in the Greater Vancouver area you can schedule a consultation at our Burnaby clinic by contacting us today. Call 604.558.2273.