Georgiy Sekretaryuk
March 8, 2021
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Physiotherapy in the News – March 2021

Physiotherapy in the News

Spring is upon us. With the beginning of a new season it’s time to check in with what’s new in the world of physiotherapy as it pertains to you and your health and wellness.

Recent Media Reports Regarding Physiotherapy You Need to Know About

Major Study Finds Physio Enables COVID-19 Rehabilitation

We’ve discussed the physiotherapists’ role in helping severe COVID-19 patients recover quite a bit here in our blog. View more on the direct applications of physiotherapy for COVID-19 patient rehabilitation and how the media has been shining a spotlight on our industry during the health crisis. The applications of physio in getting ICU patients mobilized in the days, weeks, and months after recovery have been logical, but now a major study was released at the end of February that further validates the necessity of physiotherapy in this role.

The systematic review found that physiotherapy is providing those with severe respiratory illness effective rehabilitation via progressive exercise, early mobilisation and multicomponent programs to improve functional independence. Further, qualitative evidence collected from those participating in these rehabilitation programs indicates that patients value an individualised approach. Patients also report that it provides more hope and confidence to their own recovery. The integration of physiotherapy is a win-win for physicians and patients, with the latter getting to leave the hospital (and get back home!) much earlier than would otherwise occur.

What we may be witnessing, is a fundamental change in how physiotherapy is viewed by the medical profession. Will the official designation shift from an “alternative” to an “essential” form of physical health treatment and therapy?

ICBC Care Based Model Countdown Has Started

This headline pertains to BC residents. The ICBC care based model finally kicks in this coming May 2021. The new model affords those injured in an motor vehicle accidents (MVA) better access to physiotherapy care. The benefits to injury sufferers include less time in claims court and more time in a physio clinic along with lower costs and extended periods of rehabilitation. View more on your benefits of the ICBC shift to a care based model. In addition, we invite you to review this guide for how to choose a physiotherapist for ICBC claims.

The traditional medical profession and the personal insurance industry alike continue to show renewed confidence in physiotherapy when it comes to injury recovery, and you should too. If you are suffering the pains of an acute or chronic ailment we encourage you to contact our Burnaby clinic today to schedule a consultation. Call 604.558.2273.