Georgiy Sekretaryuk
September 20, 2021
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Physiotherapy in the News – September 2021


School is back in session and the fall season is upon us, While people all over Greater Vancouver are preparing their bodies for autumn activities (hiking, etc.) we thought we’d take a moment to check in with news from around the world regarding physiotherapy. Is there anything going on that’s relevant to you and/or members of your household? Let’s have a look.

Recent Media Reports Regarding Physiotherapy You Need to Know About

Physio Gaining Greater Recognition in Pelvic Health

A recent article (September 18) from CBC News is yet another in a series of media releases that is shining a spotlight on physio for pelvic health. By learning to better use their pelvic floor muscles under the guidance of a physiotherapist, women are able to leverage their own bodies to combat urinary incontinence, pain/discomfort during intercourse, and more.

One key issue that the article touched on, was the fact that the knowledge gap is responsible for women having to wait weeks or months to get treatment from an obstetrician and gynecologist when they could get faster relief from a trained physiotherapist.

“[I] noticed that there was a gap in our profession, and in the area of obstetrics and gynecology, for women that were struggling with issues that probably could be helped by us and not necessarily have to go see a specialist if they didn’t need to, considering that wait lists are so long for those visits.” (L. MacDonald, PEI Physiotherapist, CBC News)

Better yet, physiotherapy for pelvic floor disfunction (and other pre / post natal concerns) can help women avoid surgical intervention. View more on pelvic floor dysfunction treatment through women’s health physiotherapy.

Mounting Evidence That Physio is Key to COVID Recovery

We’ve discussed this topic quite a bit in our blog over the last year, as COVID patients from all over the world have turned to physiotherapy to recover from the effects of COVID-19 hospitalization. Recent press releases from the medical industry support mounting evidence that finds physiotherapy is absolutely instrumental in treating not only short term, but longterm post-COVID ailments such as persistent fatigue, breathlessness, and muscle weakness. View more on physiotherapy rehabilitation after COVID.

Elton John Seeks Physiotherapy to Get Back in Tour

We conclude our “physiotherapy in the news” segment with a little tidbit from the world of entertainment. It seems Sir Elton John (who happens to have a summer home in BC) sustained an injury that has required him to postpone his Farewell Yellow Brock Road Tour. He made the announcement on Instagram this past week, and notes physiotherapy as being the key to resuming the tour.

“I will be undertaking a program of intensive physiotherapy that will ensure a full recovery and a return to mobility without pain.” (Elton John via Instagram, Sept 16, 2021)

The Rocket Man is turning to physio for post-surgery rehabilitation, and so should you and/or the loved ones in your life.

New Physiotherapy Website Launches in Burnaby BC!

Just one more thing for those who may have missed it. Burnaby BC’s best reviewed physiotherapy clinic has just launched a new and improved website to better serve patients/clients from all over Greater Vancouver. That’s right – Absolute PhysioCare has a new website, and you’re on it right now. Learn more about how the new look, translates to a new YOU.

Stay tuned for more from the world of physiotherapy. If you live in the Greater Vancouver area and want to optimize your health through the science (and a little bit of magic) of physio, schedule your first consultation today.


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