Georgiy Sekretaryuk
January 7, 2019
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Physiotherapy News You Need to Know About – Winter 2019

Physiotherapy News Canada

It’s a new year and while you have set some new goals that likely tie into physiotherapy our clinic’s blog has one too – to keep you up to date on industry news with each passing season. What’s the point? Good question. You see, the field of physiotherapy is growing with each passing year as people from all walks of life are beginning to realize the benefits at a greater pace than ever before. By sharing recent news we can show those who may remain on the fence about the potential applications of therapy that it’s wise to seek the assistance of a clinic to overcome a wide variety of physical ailments. Let’s get started with our winter season edition!

3 Recent Trends and Events That Show How Physiotherapy Can Be Applied to Significantly Improve Quality of Life

Physiotherapy More Recognized in Maternity Care

There’s no doubt about how important physiotherapy is when it comes to women’s health, including pre and post natal care. However, it’s nice to see that global governing bodies are recognizing this too. At the onset of 2019 the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy just announced that across the pond the National Health Service (public health services serving the entire United Kingdom) will now improve access to physiotherapy for new mothers. The NHS cites physiotherapy interventions for incontinence as being a primary driver for the new initiative. Many of you know that physical therapy services from acupuncture to manual therapy can be applied to alleviate the aches, pains, and physical discomfort of new motherhood, but there are a more who are unaware about physiotherapy’s role (via pelvic floor work) in incontinence treatment. Thankfully this development has shed renewed light on the topic on a worldwide scale.  Those in our neck of the woods can learn more about how physio can treat incontinence here.

ICBC Increases Access to Physiotherapy w/More Pre-authorized Treatments

There’s locally relevant news coming down the pipeline for 2019 that will have a very positive impact on BC resident access to physiotherapy. Early in the season, the provincial government and ICBC announced changes that will create a care-based car insurance system. Effective April 1, 2019, there will be increases to ICBC accident benefits for anyone injured in a crash regardless of fault. These benefits include a total of 25 pre-authorized physiotherapy treatments, with even more on the docket for further approval. This update also includes the initial physical therapist assessment visit and report. In addition, standard treatment fees will be paid directly to physiotherapists by ICBC. This news equates earlier intervention and increased treatment time for patients, resulting in a win-win for all.

All you need to do is ensure that you seek out the services of a clinic which offers ICBC chiropractic treatments with no fees charged on valid ICBC claims.

New Study Finds Physical Therapy Reduces Need for Opioids

We’ve been pretty vocal about how without physiotherapy to assist in pain management an over-prescribed population continues to run the risk of opioid addition. We’re happy to report that a large (nearly 90,000 participants) study from Stanford has arrived to state how people who receive prompt physical therapy for pain may have less need for opioid painkillers. The analysis found that those who were afforded physical therapy for their pain were 7-16% less likely to fill a prescription for painkillers, rendering them less likely to form an addiction in the process. Keep in mind that prompt is the keyword here, as the earlier you or a loved one seeks physical therapy for injury rehabilitation and pain management, the more likely you or they will be to overcome the ailment without pharmaceutical assistance.

This is the most important news update of the season. Please do share with everyone in your circle, especially if they are suffering from pain at this very moment.

If you reside in the Greater Vancouver area feel free to contact our Burnaby clinic to discuss the above or with any other questions about how we can help you improve your quality of life in 2019 and beyond.




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