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May 12, 2015
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Can Chiropractic fix my golf Game?


Chiropractic Treatment for Golf Related Injuries

Are you or a loved one’s golf game suffering from the following:

Hooks, Slicing, pulls, Duffs, Shanking, casting, over the top, chicken wing, slide, sway thin, fat, reverse C, blading, topping, golfers elbow, low back pain, neck pain wrist and ankle pain?

Assessing & Treating Golf Injuries

Sound all to familiar? According to the National Allied Golf Association as of Sep. 2012, 5.7 million Canadians play golf each year making golf one of the most played sports across Canada.  However, even a gentle round of golf can cause havoc on the body. It is estimated that the annual prevalence of golf related injuries are between 25-62% depending on the person’s age, skill level and previous injuries.

The most common golf injuries sustained and treated successfully by Chiropractic care are Low back pain, Golfers elbow, tennis elbow and minor shoulder injuries.  It seems that most golfers are ill equipped for the high rotational forces placed on the low back during the swing and often get fatigued over the course of 18 holes (4.5 hours) and if walking, can span over 10km.  Here are a couple of tips to ensure a happy and pain free golf season.

  1. Warm up

A study of 1000 armature golfers during a 3 -week period found that roughly only half participated in any type of warm up.  Hitting the range before your big game also helps loosen up the muscles and lubricates the joints. Hitting 20-30 balls can decrease the likelihood of sustain an acute injury up to 50%.

  1. Take Golf lessons

Most of the time golf injuries occur because of poor or inefficient golf swings that place too much pressure on certain structures.  The more biomechanically sound the golf swing is the less likely you will sustain a golf injury

  1. Push, not pull the bag cart

Push carts were invented so participants could enjoy walking the golf course without the heavy load of the clubs, bag and balls. However, numerous injuries occur because people “pull” instead of “push” the bag cart resulting in fatigued muscles.

  1. Lighten the bag or be the driver

All to often we load our bag like we are going camping for a week. A dozen balls, two pairs of shoes, rain gear, umbrella, four gloves, lunch, drinks, more drinks. For safety purposes our golf bag should only be 10% of your body weight (Ie. If you weigh 150 lbs your golf bag should weigh no more than 10lbs when carrying). If you choose to take a powered golf cart it is considered safer to take a golf cart. That way you can brace yourself for the unexpected terrain.

  1. Seek Help!

Do not let posture issue or nagging chronic injuries go unchecked. Call us at 604-558-2273 or contact us online for your very own TPI (Titlesit Performance Institute) golf assessment by our Chiropractor and CPGA golf professional Dr. Caolan Teasdale.

Sports Physio in Burnaby BC

Get help today with a comprehensive assessment by our Chiropractor and CPGA golf professional Dr. Caolan Teasdale in Burnaby at Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab. Do not suffer in silence, its time to take control of your game.  Contact us today to set up your assessment with our Chiropractor located at the border of Burnaby and Coquitlam.


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