Georgiy Sekretaryuk
April 15, 2020
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Virtual Physio Vancouver – Why Choose a Local Clinic

The BC Government is promoting virtual health services as a means to treat a variety of injuries and ailments until the mandatory COVID-19 closures subside. Residents who are realizing the great benefits of online physiotherapy at home over nothing at all are now faced with another decision. Should they choose any online service, or find a local clinic offering virtual physio? 

On the surface, you may think any provincial, national, or even international service will serve your needs. However, there is an undeniable case for finding a clinic in your area to facilitate your recovery with online assistance. This may be a challenge for those living in small rural communities through the Interior or northern British Columbia, but if you live in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve got a tangible option – Absolute PhysioCare. But first, here is a practical look at why you should choose a local clinic before booking your first virtual consultation. 

3 Reasons Why Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland BC Residents Should Choose a Local Clinic for Online Physiotherapy

1. Seamless Transition from Virtual to In-Person Treatment

There’s no denying that now is the most challenging time to begin physiotherapy. Starting in a virtual environment may not seem ideal, but when you choose a local clinic it will make the transition to an in-clinic (as soon as permitted) environment much easier and effective. You will have had the opportunity to get to know the very same therapist who will manage your rehabilitation in-person when the time comes. You will know their voice, their face, their style of patient care, and will have developed a rapport that will carry through in the months to come. When you finally do meet, you will already know one another quite well. It’s really like or eHarmony, but you know…without the funny business. All jokes aside, virtual physio with a Vancouver area clinic will prepare you for future in-person treatment better than any other scenario.

2. The Nuances of Knowing Your City

While there’s nothing “ideal” about any of this, if it had to happen, this time of the year is more conducive to your virtually assisted recovery. Why? The spring and summer months in Greater Vancouver allow you to expand beyond your at-home “facility” to encompass the great outdoors. There are a number of parks, trails, beaches, and empty lots where you can conduct your therapist-prescribed exercises and movements after you’ve concluded each virtual session. When you work with a local physiotherapist, you work with someone who knows the lay of the land you live in. They can provide you with advice on great outdoor spaces to exercise at, or at least will know what you’re talking about when you ask if a certain spot is appropriate for their recommended workouts. For example, the two of you can discuss doing calisthenics at Empire Field by the PNE, or doing post muscle-tear calf raises on the stairs outside of BC Place Stadium. An “out of town” physiotherapist won’t know have the same understanding of the options available near you.

A local therapist will also know some of the best places in the city to go to support your overall recovery, health, and wellness. This goes beyond referring you to a colleague chiropractor or acupuncturist (when viable) and other healthcare professionals. For example, given that nutrition is integral to a well-rounded physiotherapy regime, the two of you may discuss some great smoothie bars for post-exercise recovery shakes, or which natural foods retailer is fully stocked with health supplements needed to help repair your injuries. You get the idea.

It’s the small nuances that can make a big difference when choosing amongst virtual care providers – knowledge of your locale is one of them.

3. Availability of Benefits

This is a clear-cut reason to go local for virtual physio. In doing so, those patients who qualify for ICBC/WSBC claims will enjoy FREE treatment through Absolute PhysioCare’s online and by-phone physiotherapy. Residents may also qualify for extended health plan coverage and direct billing through these coverage providers while those who receive other forms of private coverage may still be able to recoup a significant portion of their costs (contingent upon insurance provider). When leveraging the virtual services of a local therapist you have a greater opportunity to tap into these benefits. 

Absolute PhysioCare in located in the heart of Greater Vancouver in Burnaby BC. View more about our online and virtual physiotherapy services and feel free to contact us with any questions you have during this unique period of time.


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