Georgiy Sekretaryuk
June 25, 2019
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What Orthotics Can Help With

What Orthotics Can Help With

If you’re looking for a little more science behind your gait (the manner of which you walk) and orthotics, you can find that here. The intent of today’s article however, is to provide practical insight into key areas where orthotics can make a big difference in one’s life. In some cases it will be of a high performance nature, and in others it will be day to day function at home, work, and everywhere in between. By reading below you’ll find that custom orthotics may forever change the way you look at what’s possible when it comes to your footwear. Let’s jump into it.

4 Things You Didn’t Know Custom Foot Orthotics Can Do to Dramatically Improve One’s Life

Can Help Prevent Injury

A significant proportion of injuries occur from a lack of balance leading to a fall, stumble, or misdirection of your lower extremity which can lead to head to toe injury. Since custom orthotics correct your manner of walking/running and improve stability, the likelihood of lost balance and potential injury to follow is significantly reduced.

Canada is spending billions of dollars per year on injury treatment and rehabilitation, and when prescription pain killers are added to the equation the cost is much greater given that we’re experiencing an opioid crisis right at this very moment. If the public would collectively walk into a clinic to get a gait analysis (and receive corrective orthotics) the country as a whole would be taking a giant step towards reducing the toll injuries take on the populous. It all starts with each individual, so don’t let another day pass with making your move.

Can End Back Pain and Headaches (and More)

You know that by correcting your gait you can see an end to foot, ankle, and knee pain, but orthotics also positively impact areas above the lower extremities. Think of your body as a straight line, one that is drawn from your feet and all the way up to your noggin (the technical term for your head). Anything the occurs at your base impacts the rest, which is why the pain you may be feeling in your lower back or neck may very likely be referral pain coming from below.

One (among many) study shows that within six weeks of receiving prescription shoe orthotics, patients experienced significant improvement in lower back pain and dysfunction. Beyond the lumbar spine, orthotics can even help headaches. Studies show that conditions such as flat feet are directly related to headaches and even migraines. Fix flat feet with custom orthotics and you obliterate any chronic headaches born from the culprit.

As the years advance, the medical profession is catching up (to physiotherapy) and drawing an even bolder line between the lower extremities and the rest of your body. That means treatment and therapy through custom orthotics will correspondingly grow, so act now to get ahead of the curve.

Can Make You a Better Athlete

Orthotics are often pigeonholed as solely (pun intended) being about easing foot pain and dysfunction. Yes, the right inserts will indeed correct plantar fasciitis, bursitis, tendinitis and diabetic foot ulcers along with general foot, ankle, and heel pain. However, we want you to look at them as being a natural form of performance enhancement too – with a direct and positive impact on athletic production. Whether you are a runner or triathlete, or you play competitive basketball, football, hockey, soccer, or more, orthotics may have more of an impact on your performance than those new Nikes you think make a difference.

By easing current ailments and preventing further injury orthotics invariably help you become a better athlete, but it doesn’t stop there. Orthotics can actually help you elevate your game through increased stability and balance, letting you pivot, jumpburst into speed, and stop/go better that others on the court, track, or field (all else equal).

Can Improve Your Overall Quality of Life

Competitive athletics aside, it’s important to note that custom orthotics can help you perform better at life. Without gait-born injury and chronic pain you will be more productive at work, which will do wonders for your career or own business. An injury and pain free existence also reverberates directly into your social life allowing you to better connect and engage with friends and family. Collectively this will improve your overall quality of life.

Is it a bold statement to say that custom foot inserts can do so much? Step into the shoes of a new you, and lets find out.

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