Georgiy Sekretaryuk
November 30, 2018
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Why Give the Gift of Physiotherapy This Holiday Season

Physiotherapy as a Gift for the Holidays

It’s that time of the year when many of you are stumped on what to get the special someone in your life. You’ve gone through the list, checked it twice, and still can’t come up with something that will set this season’s present apart from the rest. Fret not, because as Santa’s helpers we’re here with a hot tip – physiotherapy as a gift.

That’s right, in 2018 health and wellness packages top the charts for gift ideas. While gym passes and wicker baskets full of protein powders, omega-3 pills, and chia seeds are always nice, why not show your loved one that you really care by setting the up with a number of sessions at their local physiotherapy clinic. Sound silly? Not at all. Let’s find out why!

4 Reasons Why Booking Physiotherapy for Your Friend, Family, or Loved One is a Great Idea for a Holiday Season Gift

1. They Probably Need It, Right Now

This is a gift they can use right away. For one, it’s winter, and that means the likelihood of an injury has gone up, especially if the recipient participates in any one of the popular winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding where injury is common.

But did you know that most people have some underlying chronic pain or discomfort right at this very moment? They continue to live with pain/discomfort because they simply don’t take the initiative to deal with it, be it for financial reasons or for a simply lack of motivation. Whatever the case may be, when they receive the opportunity (in hand) to see a physiotherapist on your pre-booked dollar, they will certainly JUMP at the opportunity (even if doing so aggravates that long standing hip flexor strain).

2. It Directly Relates to Their New Year Resolution

Tie your gift into the recipient’s up and coming New Year resolutions. It’s a safe bet, as we dare you to find one single soul that doesn’t count an improvement to their health and wellness in their NY “to do” list.

One of the biggest reasons New Year resolutions fail, is a lack of preparedness. People stock their kitchen full of healthy food and head for the gym, but the latter can have the opposite effect and complicate the matter. Without developing a in-depth understanding of their body and how it needs to warm up before a workout, move and function during exercise, and cool down afterwards, they set the table for strain and injury. This can stop their New Year plans dead in the tracks. Pretty soon the diet falls off too, as if they can’t work out, what’s the point, right? 

Nip the potential for this in the bud by putting them together with a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist will show them how to properly warm up, tap into their core, and use their body during workouts (and at work and play) not only to achieve they results they have up on their vision board, but to stay injury free throughout.  

3. It Will Help Them Getter Better Use Out of the Thingamabobber They Also Got

Walk into any household and you’ll find some fitness contraption collecting dust (and laundry) in the corner. Be it a stationary bike, balancing ball, treadmill, or “as seen on TV” apparatus, it does no one any good not being used. And here’s the kicker, there’s probably another one waiting for them under the tree! This is where your great gift comes in. A physiotherapist prescribes patients/clients with a regime of at-home stretches and exercises that directly assist in making gains and helping with the overall effectiveness of a wide variety of in-clinic treatments and therapies. When your recipient already has fitness-centric equipment in the home, they may be able use it to complement their at-home regime, which only serves to keep them motivated throughout the year. 

4. It Will Help Them Save Money

While the holidays can be blast, it can also cause many people stress because of the financial toll it can take. You can help alleviate this burden in an indirect way, and this doesn’t just apply to recipients who intended on spending on physiotherapy after the season.

When someone makes physiotherapy a part of their life (thanks to you, in this case) they will have a much greater shot at being pain and injury free. We’re not just talking about muscles, tendons, ligaments, tissues, and such. Physiotherapy can also effectively alleviate headaches/migraines, anxiety and stress, and many other ailments that result in missed work, all of which can have a direct impact on their income.

We know this may seem like some pretty round-about reasoning, but when you consider that chronic pain is costing Canadians billions of dollars per year, it all of a sudden doesn’t seem so far fetched. Help your loved one’s bottom line by giving them the health and wellness they need to take advantage of the financial opportunities that come their way in the year ahead.

Contact Absolute PhysioCare to discuss options (vouchers, pre-booking, etc.) available to you as the gift-giver this holiday season. Our clinic is conveniently located near Lougheed Town Centre shopping centre and skytrain station so no matter where in Greater Vancouver the recipient lives, they can get to their up and coming sessions with ease. 


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