Physiotherapy Investment
Georgiy Sekretaryuk
March 25, 2019
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Why Physiotherapy is a Good Investment (in your life)

Physiotherapy Investment

People put a ton of time and effort into researching investment opportunities, looking for a way to improve their net worth while getting some ongoing dividends in the process. But do you know what they most important form of equity to build? Your physical health of course. Before you roll your eyes and deem “investment” as a bait and switch topic for a physiotherapy blog, consider the following.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Physiotherapy as a Lucrative Investment

1. Greater Productivity = Greater Income Potential

There is a direct correlation been chronic pain, workplace productivity, and ultimately your ability to generate income needed to grow personal wealth. For instance, studies how that migraines result in an approximate $17 billion per year loss to the economy due to missed work days and an overall loss of productivity. Right away we can see how physiotherapy can keep sufferers (you?) from missing work, full pay, and perhaps an important promotion, as physio can be applied to treat chronic headaches. Lower back pain also has a direct and negative impact on the gross domestic product (GDP), costing the country billions, and individual households thousands each year. Again, given physiotherapy’s proven impact in lower back pain treatment and prevention, you simply cannot ignore the financial benefits too. The same goes for all of the chronic pain issues that may be keeping you from your earning (and investment) potential.

In alleviating pain, malfunction, and other physical ailments that can be corrected via physical therapy, you will effectively reduce your personal number of absences and poor performances in the workplace.

2. Extend Your Income Earning Years

While there is a direct correlation between receiving regular physical therapy and career longevity of professional athletes (just ask these champions) and coaches, we’d be remiss to make this the primary reason, and leave out relevancy for the average Jane and Joe.

But here’s the thing, even if you don’t throw a ball or slap a puck for a living, extending your income earning years will have a positive impact on your personal wealth. Let’s take a look at the benefits of physiotherapy for seniors as a more extreme example. Physiotherapy restores muscle and strength, assists in injury preventiondisease symptom treatment, and increases overall health and wellness. This can extend your income earning years, along with the years for which you will enjoy the dividends of said income.

3. Opens Up Unexpected Income Opportunities

Networking is a very important part of building wealth. You know where networking doesn’t happen? At home, on your sofa, even if you think you are connected to the world when scrolling through your social network and gaming apps. You need to get out there in order to meet the right people, the very same individuals who may hold the key to financial success. Physiotherapy can help you accomplish this in many ways. For one, it can make travel more comfortable, addressing travel related ailments, which includes everything from lower back pain (a real pain when on a plane, train, or automobile) to deep vein thrombosis. Long story short, regular physiotherapy keeps you “in the game” and in today’s cutthroat world you need every single edge.

Even if your current health plan doesn’t cover the bulk of physiotherapy, it seems that you simply cannot afford to ignore the necessity of it any longer. When you invest in physiotherapy, you invest in yourself. Contact us today to see if your plan qualifies for direct billing and to discuss a plan that works best for you and your bright prospects as a newer, healthier you.


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