Georgiy Sekretaryuk
November 6, 2019
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Why You Need Physiotherapy Even More So in the Winter

Winter is fast approaching and while most people are tuning up their cars and residential properties to prepare, they are neglecting the most important thing – their physical health. Today we’re going to take a look at why adopting regular physiotherapy is critical to making it through this winter.

4 Reasons Why You Should See a Physiotherapist to Prepare for the Winter Season

1. It May Be the Cure for the Common Cold

Say what? The statement may not be as bold as you think. For one, chest physiotherapy has shown to be effective in removing mucus from your breathing passages. In addition, physical therapy can help ease the aches and pains experienced when you suffer from a seasonal virus. Treatments and therapies can also be leveraged to help improve your sleep during bouts of the common cold, which is critical to restoring your health. Also, massage therapy will help treat sinus pain and corresponding headaches, while regular exercise (as prescribed by the clinic) will help boost your immune system. View more on how physiotherapy may indeed be the cure to the common cold.

2. Can Help Improve Those Winter Blues

Not everyone considers winter to be a wonderland. Some suffer from a form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and while far too many seek help in the form of a pill, it turns out that physiotherapy may the only solution to the winter blues that you need. For starters, studies find that massage therapy has a positive impact on those suffering from SAD, while even HealthLinkBC asks that sufferers uptick their exercise regime to treat and prevent symptoms of SAD. And as mentioned in item #1 above, regular physical therapy has a very positive impact on sleep which is essential to maintaining positive feelings through the season. View more on how physiotherapy is being used to combat SAD.

3. Can Better Prepare You for Winter Travel

Many people flee our neck of North America when winter strikes and with the kids on Holiday break it’s a perfect time for travel. But while warmer and more pleasant climates may await, a lot of you are afraid to fly not because of the act itself, but because of the pains and discomfort that come with it. Once again we see where physiotherapy can be applied. Physiotherapy can directly assist in the treatment and prevention of high-flying related health concerns such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), high blood pressure, oxygen deprivation, and of course the lower back pain that comes from sitting in coach. View more on why physiotherapy will help make winter travel a breeze.

4. Will Help With Performance (and enjoyment) of Winter Sports and Activities

Do your feet hurt when snowboarding, skiing. or ice skating? A physiotherapist will identify the cause and will provide a treatment plan that may include a custom orthotics prescription to ensure pain of this nature never again returns. From there you will enjoy and perform better at these winter activities better than ever. But it doesn’t stop there. Physical therapy is directly applied to both prevent and treat the common bumps, bruises, sprains and pains that are prevalent when enjoying winter activities so common around Greater Vancouver. View exactly how it accomplishes this, right here.

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