Summer Physiotherapy
Georgiy Sekretaryuk
June 11, 2019
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Why You Need Physiotherapy in the Summer

Summer Physiotherapy

The June solstice is upon us, and the weather is already ahead of the game as we speak – summer is here in Greater Vancouver BC. While many of you are making vacation plans and picking out new beach towels and patio furniture from Winners HomeSense, there’s a more crucial item to add to your agenda – physiotherapy, the latter of which will truly help you get the most out of your summertime. Let’s find out why.

Four Reasons Why Regular Physiotherapy Will Help You Maximize Summer Fun

1. Got Kids?

Households with kids need physiotherapy practically more than any. If you’re among them, you know what we mean. Your kids will be home for the summer, and they demand to be entertained. That means you’ve got an endless succession of beach days, bike rides, and evenings of roughhousing in the backyard to account for – and it all starts with an early summer sunrise and doesn’t end until after the late evening sundown. Is your body, along with the autumn to spring aches and pains that carry through, ready for action? Probably not. If you want to enjoy the summer with your kids then you need to get your body in prime working order first. After all, you’ve only got so many summer seasons left before they prefer to spend it all with their friends and eventually move on to adulthood. Don’t let another summer day pass without giving them your all. View more on how physiotherapy can help you become an even better parent.

2. The Pains of Summer Travel

You’re going to be traveling more this season. This includes road trips and quite possibly flights. Whether you suffer from mild or intense chronic back, neck, hip, or shoulder pain (etc.) you fear aches and discomfort to come from sitting in a plane, train or automobile for extended periods of time. Physiotherapy is the key to making it not just bearable, but enjoyable.

For instance, your back takes most of the burden when traveling. A physiotherapist will not just address common back injuries and irregularities, they can provide practical guidance on how to carry and lift luggage, can recommend back support equipment to use while traveling, will prescribe a series of stretches and exercises to perform during pit stops and at your vacation accommodations, and so much more. View more on how your physiotherapist will help ease back pain while traveling this summer.

Below we have provided a guide to how each primary form of summer travel can be made better through physiotherapy:

3. Cool the Heat on Summer Headaches

Many people are more susceptible to headaches in the summertime as heatwaves weigh heavy on the body and soul. While you can take logical steps to mitigate summer headache precursors by keeping hydrated and avoiding direct exposure to the sun, your headaches may not come from the heat and excessive sunlight. Instead, they may simply amplify symptoms, while the headaches themselves are born from somewhere else. There’s a very good chance that the headaches you’re experiencing originate in your neck and spine. While a large sunhat and bottle of water may help keep it from worsening in July or August, you need to see a chiropractor for this ailment right away, or risk losing another summer day.

4. Ride the Wave of Summer Activities 

When the summer arrives in BC so does the potential to participate in a great number of physical activities in the great outdoors. Participation and performance in each will be elevated through physiotherapy. With so many summer activities to name, we figured it wise to list them below so that you can choose the ones that match your preferences best:

Of course, some of you take the season more seriously, and participate in one or more of the wide number of triathlons that run (and swim, bike) all over BC, Canada, and the continent in the summer. If this is the case, then you, as a triathlete, must absolutely include physiotherapy in your training regime.

Ready to enjoy an endless summer, starting with this summertime season? If you live within the Greater Vancouver BC area contact Absolute PhysioCare today to schedule your first consultation.


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