How to Book a Physio Appointment Burnaby BC
Georgiy Sekretaryuk
October 25, 2021
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How to Book a Physio Appointment

You already know why you need to see a physiotherapist. You’re now ready to book your first consultation. It’s an easy process, but there are some quick things to consider before performing a Google search for a local physio and booking an appointment. Ask yourself the following so that you receive the service you hope for.

3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Booking an Appointment with a Local Physiotherapist

Do You Know What Type of Service You Need?

If your physician recommended that you see a physiotherapist for post-surgery recovery, then they may have referenced a specific treatment such as trigger point therapy for pain management. Perhaps you recently sustained a lower back injury in a motor vehicle accident, and your family doctor told you to see a chiropractor. Or, you’re expecting a child and your OBGYN recommended pre-natal physiotherapy. On the other hand, your optometrist may be baffled by blurred vision that you’re experiencing during head movements, and suggested vestibular rehabilitation. Alternatively, you may have done some research on your own and feel as if you will benefit from an alternative form of health care, such as TCM acupuncture. These are just examples of scenarios that show how there is not one cookie-cutter solution to your health and wellness.

It’s very important to note that not all physiotherapy clinics near you offer the specific service you require. In fact, they more than likely do not. If you know what you’re in need of, then be sure to reference the services provided by a physio clinic before making your appointment. Otherwise you will have wasted a lot of time in consultations with clinics that ultimately can’t help you.

Do You Need a Clinic That Accepts Direct Billing?

If you require direct billing this is an easy one. Contact a clinic prior to booking to ensure that they offer direct billing for your health plan.

The most common example for how important this is for those living in Greater Vancouver is chiropractic treatments for ICBC claims. Absolute PhysioCare’s chiropractor is a registered ICBC Chiropractic provider. This means that for chiropractic treatment, there are NO FEES CHARGED with valid ICBC claims, even if you are at fault. Our office can direct bill ICBC on your behalf so you do not have to pay a penny out of pocket. Simply provide reception with your claim number, no medical doctor referral needed!

Do You Need a Clinic that is Accessible Via Other Forms of Transportation?

Logically, logistics play a role in how to book a physio appointment. If injured and/or in pain you may be up for driving or cycling to a given facility. You may not even have access to a vehicle or ride for your first or up and coming appointments to follow. That’s why it’s important to consider a clinic that is near convenient forms of transportation. In Burnaby and Greater Vancouver BC, that means access to a major bus route or skytrain station. And what about other conveniences? Why not tie-in a few errands or take a moment for leisure after your appointment/s? It certainly doesn’t hurt to choose a clinic that is located near a major shopping center and hub of dining establishments. Beyond great and diverse physiotherapy services and direct billing, Absolute PhysioCare is Burnaby BC’s most conveniently located physiotherapy clinic.

Still unsure about your needs? Fret not – because you can still book your consultation and we will clear everything up for you. Schedule your visit using our easy booking form, or just give us a call at 604.558.2273.


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