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What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy (or physical therapy) is an important health care service that specializes in recovery and rehabilitation, helping people of all ages to re-establish and sustain movement, function and muscle strength, as well as general health. Physiotherapy is provided by our skilled and university educated experts who focus on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of various disabilities, movement conditions, and injuries.

Burnaby Physiotherapy Clinic - Physio Near Me

Your First Physiotherapy Session

Your first physiotherapy session generally consists of a comprehensive assessment of joint motion, strength, balance, posture, gait, functional movement and special tests.  Our physiotherapists will provide a treatment plan that will be catered to your specific needs and goals with the end result of reducing your pain, restoring your physical function and providing you with educational information for preventative care.

Your treatment may consist of manual or ‘hands-on’ techniques, personalized exercise prescriptions, acupuncture, and a variety of electro-therapeutic modalities.

Treatment is covered under the majority of extended health care plans, no physician referral is needed for physiotherapy unless you are an ICBC or WorkSafeBC client.

Burnaby Physiotherapy Clinic - Physio Near Me
Burnaby Physiotherapy Clinic - Physio Near Me

Our Physiotherapists Will Help You

  • Creating new strength by using focused exercises
  • Easing your pain by manual therapy and modalities
  • Teaching you to manage and control your pain
  • Helping to create better motion in joints through manipulation, stretching and exercise
  • Assisting you with improved athletic performance
Burnaby Physiotherapy Clinic - Physio Near Me

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