Who would benefit from myofascial release? Individuals who have keloid scars causing pain/dysfunction, tension headaches, visceral pain and/or muscular pain

Myofascial release is most commonly known for its oil-less, light, non-invasive technique to make a functional change in connective tissue. It’s performed with a three dimensional directional force: compression, shearing and a circular torque.

Our massage clinic at Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab in Burnaby also uses fascial techniques in a deeper manner like skin rolling, where the skin is pulled away from muscular contents.  Entire muscle compartments can also be manipulated during myofascial release to break down adhesions that interfere with the body causing pain in muscles, keloid scars, and skin.

These massage therapy techniques can be quite painful if used intensely so passive stretching and Swedish Massage after deep myofascial release is necessary.

Myofascial release is very useful to directly break down adhesions, improve range of motion through a joint, and to alleviate pain.

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