Who would benefit from pre or post pregnancy therapy? Individuals who are currently pregnant at any trimester, experiencing pain in their low back, hips, pubic area, breasts, and/or glutes and swelling in the feet or hands.

Pregnancy Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage therapy during pregnancy is extremely helpful for women who tolerate pain as their ligaments in the body, especially the hip and low back area, adjust for labor.

Many women experience sacral pain during the first and second trimester, however massage therapy to this area helps with pain management. As the breasts undergo major changes during gestation, they become full and uncomfortable. Breast massage is very helpful to keep the circulation flowing throughout the chest, and fights the feeling of tightness and congestion in this area. After labor, post pregnancy massage can help the new mother with dealing with back, wrist, neck and forearm pain while getting use to breast feeding and holding the baby for long periods of time.

Massage therapy at at Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab in Burnaby is great for relaxing the mother as she adjusts to new stresses and lack of sleep.

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