Who would benefit from Trigger Point Therapy massage? Individuals who suffer from tension headaches, unexplained aches in the body, sports injuries and/or hard nodules within the muscle

Trigger point massage therapy is a very direct technique to eliminate nodules found in muscular bands commonly known as “knots”. They quite literally feel like little balls underneath your skin and roll between fingertips under direct pressure.

Trigger points are found all over the body, but the most common areas that are affected is the upper trapezieus muscle, interscapular area, and along the sides of the spine. Not all, but many active trigger points can refer pain peripheral to the nodule causing problems such as tension headaches.

Trigger point therapy is usually applied with fingertips to small areas, and elbows to larger muscle groups like the glute region. In most situations the goal to treating patients with this modality is to recreate pain for a short period of time in order to alleviate it.

This technique can be intense to experience so, at Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab in Burnaby, we recommend it is used with Swedish Massage therapy to clear out blood back to the heart.


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