Do you experience dizziness and/or vertigo?  You might benefit from vestibular rehabilitation.

The vestibular system is comprised of the inner ear and the brain which are crucial in controlling balance and eye movements. A disturbance to this system will cause symptoms including dizziness and vertigo which often results in balance issues, visual disturbances, and hearing changes.  These symptoms can range anywhere from mildly annoying to completely incapacitating.

Vestibular rehabilitation is a form of treatment that our Our Burnaby physiotherapists utilize to treat individuals who suffer from a vestibular disorder.

A physiotherapist who is competent in vestibular rehabilitation will perform a detailed and accurate assessment to determine the cause of the problem. Depending on the nature of the problem, a specialized treatment plan will be implemented with an exercise component which typically involves head and eye movements, guided exercises with the assistance of your physiotherapist, and balance training which will help to restore normal function.

In some cases, a major decrease in your symptoms can be achieved in as quickly as one to three sessions.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Treatments

Common vestibular disorders that physiotherapists treat are

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